Customer Relations

Residential Management. A clear focus on the customer, backed by communication and...

Customer focus

A clear and continuous focus on the needs, actions and opinions of leaseholders is fundamental to the effective management of the property. To this end, we ensure regular contact with leaseholders through a series of newsletters, prompt responses to leaseholder concerns and consistent delivery of a quality service. By applying these principles, we aim to achieve high levels of leaseholder satisfaction.

Communication and query resolution

We provide site specific handbooks, a 24/7 facilities helpdesk and bespoke building website.

Customer satisfaction

JAR can provide dedicated building websites for each property under management that provide vital information, including:

  • Contact details of key staff
  • News and announcements
  • Online concierge facility with useful links
  • Tenant document store, including information on service charges

Always available

Our 24/7 Helpdesk co-ordinates all service activities on-site and in conjunction with building specific handbooks and websites, our team are able to effectively manage every property in a clear and tranparent way.