A Detailed Approach to Residential Management

Our approach can be broken down into a number of phases

Proactive management

We provide engaging management in line with agreed strategy and objectives.

Director-led teams

All of our properties are managed by teams of property professionals under the hands-on leadership of the Managing Director. These multi-disciplined teams of property specialists ensure effective communication and problem solving while the continuity of our teams helps to promote long-term client relations and maintains a full understanding of your business goals.

Efficient, transparent financial management

We provide fast and accurate reporting which is continuously accessible via our online systems and can be automatically delivered to you, should you need it.

Constructive client and leaseholder liaison

We have an ethos of working closely with you. We build firm relationships with leaseholders in order to understand their requirements, detect issues early and respond in a timely fashion to minimise any potential disputes that may arise.

Professional facilities management

JAR representatives work within a set of common objectives, systems and processes to deliver the best possible service.